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As expected, the concerts planned in December, were cancelled and are postponed to a yet undefined date. Jean-Louis Roblin, pianist, and Pierre Strauch, cello, were to play Sfumato. We therefore have to be patient or listen to the interpretation by Lusine Lazaryan, piano, and David Simpson, cello:
Sfumato, by Lusine Lazaryan, piano, and David Simpson, cello.

One can listen to:
As a tribute to the soprano singer
Sophie Boulin who died on December the 1st, Der Hügel wo wir wandeln that she created in 1977 with the pianist Laurent Cabasso at the Maison de la Radio, in Paris.
Trois Poèmes anglais
, by Sylvie Bedouelle, mezzo-soprano, and Gabriele Natilla, guitar, created in 2018.

(Photo CZ, Isle of Skye 2014)


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